Learn about the nets

Practical solutions for the trunk

Floor net

A net that attaches to handles located in or just above the floor. You can put your daily groceries under it as well as smaller items, ensuring their stability while driving.

It will quickly prove to be an essential element of the trunk space, thanks to which you will resolve the constant shifting of objects during the ride or their falling out when the trunk is being opened.

Hook and loop mesh

Universal net for all luggage compartments where there is a possibility of attaching hook-and-loop fasteners. Ideal for small items, both permanent (first aid kit, oil) and seasonal (scraper, defroster).

Hanging on the side wall of the carrier does not take up much space, while providing new possibilities for organizing items.

Organizer CargoBag™

The useful codura bags are a capacious accessory, where you can keep most of your small items.

Thanks to hook-and-loop fastener you can attach CargoBag™ to the upholstery, and when necessary you can take it with you thanks to a handy handle.

This product is very durable and easy to clean.

Hook-and-loop strap holder

Easy to install stick-on hook-and-loop tape for securing first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and spare fluids. Thanks to a large selection of lengths and colors it becomes a universal accessory that can be easily matched to any type of car.

Car bag

A net bag is a practical gadget that can be hung between the headrests of the front seats or across the trunk. It facilitates keeping order in the cockpit as well as in the cargo space. Fixing the car bag right at the tailgate eliminates the problem of reaching far for luggage.

Perfect for storing groceries.

Fire extinguisher holder

Find the best place for the fire extinguisher in your car. With our holder you can quickly and non-invasively mount it in the trunk. Not only do you gain extra space, but also the certainty that the fire extinguisher will be easily accessible in case of a emergency.

TÜV Certification

Our products have been checked, which is confirmed by obtaining a certificate from TÜV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. number 0000100556.

They meet the requirements set out in the Assessment Program No. PS/PO1/133/07062022 and qualify for the VERIFIED PRODUCT mark.